Zoggy the Time Traveller

Photo: Opera for Youth, Florida

Zoggy, a modern young girl, works in a recording studio. To amuse herself, she fools around with a metronome and discovers that she can alter time. In flashes of light and riotous sound she is hurtled into the world of Musiciana, where she meets some very strange people - Anne Dante, Al Egro, Boy Minor and the Major. She has some fantastic adventures and, with the help of the audience, solves a riddle which enables her to get back home. A bizarre comedy, reflective of the unreal worlds of 'Alice' and 'Peter Pan'.

Duration: 45 minutes
Zoggy (soprano)
Anne Dante (mezzo)
Boy Minor (tenor)
Major (bass)
Piano accompaniment

Performing Materials: fox & fox music international

"…zany characters, exotic locations and catchy music."
Opera Australia

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