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Malcolm Fox was one of the leading composers of operas for children. He composed four operas: Sid the Serpent Who Wanted to Sing, The Iron Man, Zoggy the Time Traveller and The Silence Tree.

Sid the Serpent Who Wanted to Sing was the third most popular contemporary opera in the USA in 1984 and has had over 4000 performances worldwide since it was written in 1976.

"His writing for children has a lucid and transparent texture, a command of their strengths and limitations, and an almost defiant insistence on tunes that positively sit up and beg to be memorised." (The Australian)

Sue Rider and Jim Vilé have extensive and varied experience in the theatre. After working in the UK and Nigeria, they moved to Australia in 1975. Jim was Foundation Lecturer in Drama at The University of Adelaide and Managing Artistic Director of La Boîte Theatre, Brisbane. In 1989 he received a Matilda Award for his services to theatre in Queensland, Australia. Sue has won acclaim for her plays and commissioned libretti. In 1988 she received a Matilda Award for her play "The Matilda Women". In 1991 she received a second award for her direction of "Mrs. Klein" for the Royal Queensland Dance Theatre Company and for her theatre piece "Dancing on the Walls of Paris."

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