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The BBC Radio Scotland's Celtic Roots website includes a live review of a recent gig at Kelso Folk Club. Click here to read.


The internet music magazine,, which gave Diving for Pearls a great review recently asked Allie to do an in-depth interview on their website. The interview tells the story of how Allie came to play guitar in the first place, her early musical influences and how she approach songwriting. You can check it out at:

fox & fox music international

Allie has been taking a break from live gigs recently in order to concentrate on developing and launching a brand new website:

This is the website for fox & fox music international, a promotions and publishing company dedicated to the music of Allie's late brother, Malcolm, who died in 1997.

Malcolm Fox was a classical composer and Wagnerian expert. His compositions included orchestral, solo, choral, chamber and electronic works but he was most known as a leading composer of opera for children. His two most popular operas, The Iron Man (based on the Ted Hughes story) and Sid the Serpent Who Wanted to Sing, are both published by G Schirmer Inc, New York. Sid has had over 4000 performances throughout the world, and in 1984 it was the third most frequently performed contemporary opera in the United States. is also the home of John Hunt Discographies, a specialist publishing company which produces classical music discographies available for purchase online.

In 2000 Allie was appointed the UK representative for Opera for Youth, Inc which was an international non-profit organisation based in the USA working in the field of opera and music theatre for young musicians and audiences.

To find out more about the work of fox & fox music international, please visit



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