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In November 2000 Allie was invited to be the guest on New World Buzz - the pioneering online world music radio station. Martin Curti, the presenter, asked Allie about her musical influences and her approach to songwriting. Diving For Pearls made the New World Buzz Top 15 album chart for the month of January 2001.

New World Buzz aims to establish World Music as a contemporary music form and provides a groundbreaking global showcase for composers, artists and performers. In addition to current album reviews, a vast array of links and the New World Buzz Top 15, this cool site offers a monthly world music programme featuring album tracks and interviews with performers from all over the world.

"This British songstress offers a unique sensitive approach to contemporary folk music." New World Buzz


Vixen Records has an exclusive UK distribution deal with leading independent distributor, KOCH INTERNATIONAL. Koch is an international company with divisions in the USA, Canada, Europe and the UK, where it represents artists ranging from Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes, Motorhead and Paul Rodgers to Lesley Garrett, Lucy Kaplansky and Thea Gilmore. Diving for Pearls was re-released on 2nd October 2000 and is available from all good record shops.


Gill Bowman and Karine Polwart (Battlefield Band, Malinky), otherwise known as MacAlias, do a blisteringly hot and stonkingly brilliant rendition of Allie's song The Moon Above the Rooftops on their Rab Noakes-produced album Highwired on the Greentrax label (CDTRAX199).


In addition to widespread regional radio airplay, Allie Fox hit the mainstream radio airwaves when Bob Harris played Marguerita from Diving for Pearls on his Saturday night radio programme on BBC Radio Two. Here's what Bob had to say:

"As you can imagine I spend most of my waking hours listening to new CDs that come in and deciding whether I want to play them on the programme or not. Mostly it's not actually, because a lot of the listening is invisible in the sense that you're getting CDs in day by day and a lot of them you're thinking - 'No I don't really like that' or 'No I don't particularly want to play that.' In the case of this one, the first thing that attracted me to it was the reviews which were absolutely superb and saying what a delicate and beautiful album this is…Gradually it began to wash over me and I got into the spirit of the album and began to really enjoy it….I think it's a really nice album and I'll definitely be playing more tracks from it in the weeks to come."

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