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"Allie Fox accompanies her own songs with some dazzling acoustic guitar playing, at times with a nod to the intricate picking of John Fahey, at times with echoes of the authentic country blues of Elizabeth Cotton. Her relaxed performance made for a wonderfully intimate and inspiring Wednesday evening....."
Frome Festival


"Fox is certainly one of a rare breed - a fiercely determined and meticulous music maker who certainly knows how to promote herself, but with a vulnerability which is not at all affected and cuts across all the hype, endearing her to live audiences. It is a common touch which also transcends her music, inducing in the listener a strong sense of empathy, even ownership." Southern Reporter


"…performing a well-crafted solo blend of folk, blues and country stylings, variously reminiscent of the McGarrigle sisters, Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, in material that ranged from coolly introspective ballads to bright acoustic pop. Her voice's dark/light shadings and gutsy edge appeared to best advantage, though, in the rawer, bluesier numbers, a vein she also tapped in the first of two accomplished guitar instrumentals."
The Independent


Buy Diving for Pearls, the critically
acclaimed debut album from Allie Fox



7th & 8th Ullapool Ullapool Guitar Festival 077 404 23554

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Allie Fox is available as a solo artist, or with jazz/blues guitarist Neil Warden.

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