From Alberich to Wotan

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101 things you ought to know about Wagner and the Ring Cycle

by Malcolm Fox

Wagner was one of the most controversial composers who ever lived. The Ring Cycle is his greatest work and was composed over a period of 26 years. Based on Norse and German mythology, the Ring Cycle is an allegory on power and love with universal and contemporary relevance.

It has been asserted that more has been written about Wagner than about Christ or Napoleon. Most of the enormous body of literature on this subject is complex and wordy.

From Alberich to Wotan is arguably the shortest book ever written about the longest work ever written. Unique in its clarity, it introduces Wagner and the Ring Cycle in concise and non-technical terms.

From Alberich to Wotan is published as a limited edition paperback, 24 pp. high quality paper stock, comprising:

· 101 alphabetical entries on relevant topics
· a synopsis of each of the 4 dramas of the Ring Cycle
· a guide to German pronunciation
· a fold-out genealogical chart of the characters

The book assumes no former knowledge of Wagner or the Ring Cycle and will appeal to opera-lovers, concert-goers, listeners to fine music and Wagner fans. Senior secondary schools, colleges and universities will also find it a valuable tool in teaching Wagner or opera studies.

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